Tips – how to collect a debt from a private individual?

Debt recovery is not a simple matter. If the debtor pays his debts to us easily, we can be calm.

Unfortunately, very often there are those who for various reasons avoid paying and even contacting us. What to do in this situation? How to recover a debt from a private individual? We present below tips.

Try to get along


An amicable explanation of the outstanding debt is definitely the best solution. During the conversation with the debtor, it may turn out that he is in a difficult financial situation and is therefore in arrears with payments.

Therefore, finding out that this is not a fraud attempt, you can jointly establish new debt repayment terms, convenient for both parties. Of course, this is only possible if the debtor does not avoid contacting us and is willing to talk.

We, too, should listen to him carefully and ask him how he sees the solution to this matter, what his proposals are. It is important to reach a common understanding.

Take the case to court


If contact with the indebted is difficult, the conversations give nothing and we lacked ideas on how to recover the debt, time to go to court. Unfortunately, we are not able to force such a person to give us money. When the court issues a payment order, and we can proceed to the bailiff’s execution, the situation begins to get serious. A bailiff appears, who absolutely takes the debtor’s property if he has one.

However, this solution should be a last resort, and contrary to appearances, it is not always effective. The debtor being a fraudster knows different ways to protect himself against justice, for example, rewriting his entire property to someone else. In this case, the bailiff is powerless.

Hire a detective

Cases in which the bailiff has failed to recover the claim can be entrusted to a detective. This is another and often the last move, unfortunately expensive and complicated. The detective can determine the whereabouts of the debtor, if he is hiding and call him to pay. In the event of problems, negotiations, supervision of repayment and collection of debts take place.

Receivables exchange

An alternative way to recover your debt is by listing it on the debt exchange. All you have to do is register on the stock exchange website and place your offer. Both companies and private individuals can use the stock exchange, and prices for listing offers vary depending on the value of the claim, time limit, number of debts, etc.

Use the services of a debt collection company

Use the services of a debt collection company

The last, but probably the best advice and way to recover debt from a natural person is to use the services of a debt collection company. When ordinary conversations with the debtor have no effect and we do not feel like submitting a case to court, debt collection is an ideal solution for both us and the debtor. Already at the outset, the debt collection company will estimate the chance of recovery and plan the actions.

The debt collector, thanks to his abilities, will be able to conduct the conversation in such a way that the debtor himself concludes that it is not worth avoiding contact, and quick repayment of the commitment will only be good for him. In addition, it will be possible to set new conditions that will be beneficial to both parties.

Often, a debt collector’s visit is already a motivation for the debtor to pay off the debt faster, for fear of being included in the bailiff’s case. Debt collection is often more effective than bailiffs. Above, there are five pieces of advice on how to collect a debt from a private individual.

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